• Dave Mustachi
    As you may know, the practice of sending unsolicited
    email is usually frowned upon, and most service providers
    have rules against it. But, like jay-walking, there is
    little enforcement. It's not illegal. If someone tells
    you that it is, ask them to provide the citation (and
    don't let them give you some nonsense about faxes -
    that's not email). They can't do it because it's not
    there. Sometimes, when a lot of people complain, I get
    a warning letter. And that's about it.

    Diese "coole" Einstellung ist ja mittlerweile gesellschaftsfähig geworden.

    Connect to multiple mail servers (20 or more), make multiple
    connections to a single server or any combination of the two
    (All Simultaneously) with one single dial-up connection.

    Als Mittel gegen solch asoziales Pack empfehle ich Teergrubing.

  • FutureWT
    That's right, I have 57 Million Fresh email addresses
    that I will sell for only $99. These are all fresh
    addresses that include almost every person on the
    internet today, with no duplications. They are all
    sorted and ready to be mailed. That is the best deal
    anywhere today ! Imagine selling a product for only $5
    and getting only a 1/10% response. That's $2,850,000
    in your pocket !!!

    57 Millionen Adressen ... wenn ich je Sekunde eine Adresse anschreibe, habe ich für fast zwei Jahre keine Langeweile mehr.

    I will also include the stealth mailer - this is a full
    version of the incredibly fast mailing program that hides
    your email address when you send mail so no one will find
    out where it came from and you won't lose your dial up account.

    Also den SMTP-Mailer möchte ich sehen, der nicht seine IP-Adresse und damit den Provider und über dessen Dialin-Logfile den Absender verrät.

  • Over Nite Letter Type
    48  MILLION E-MAIL ADDRESS LEADS... Plus  Bonuses...

    Zu spät, ich habe schon ein besseres Angebot:
    57 Millionen Adressen.

    99 Million Email Address + Express Mail Server, $50

    Na das ist doch ein Schnäppchen!
    Sind schon knapp 100 Millionen Menschen im Netz?

    We do ALL phases of bulk e-mailing for you. You collect the profits
    from your e-mail ads, and we do the work, month after month! Consider
    the benefits of having a professional bulk e-mailing firm working for
    ELIMINATE the hassles of lost dial-up ISP accounts, mail-bombs,
    undeliverable addresses, and expensive bulk e-mail software that
    doesn't perform as advertised! No more technical headaches and
    frustrations with so-called "bulk-friendly" providers that come and go
    every day.
    GET YOUR AD DELIVERED to 10,000 people every month! Best of all, we
    collect all the addresses, remove those we know that don't want e-mail
    ads, take out addresses like governments,schools,military and
    "flamers" BEFORE your mailing is ever sent! Your sales message only
    goes to buyers, not people who don't want bulk e-mail or should never
    be sent it!
    SIT BACK AND RECEIVE only prospects,sales, and further information
    responses. All mail is sent from Online Success, and all replies go
    directly to your account on our bomb-proof servers. We take out what
    you DON'T want: the flames,remove requests,and counter-offers, then
    send  YOU the responses that lead to profit!

    Hervorragende Idee. Überlassen wir also das Spammen den Profis! (und tragen wir deren IP-Netze in die Teergrubing-Configs ein.

  • WorldTouch Network, Inc.
    Our Easy Email Business Package includes:
    1) 20 or 30 MILLION email addresses
    2) Special Mass Email Software that allows you to send
       upwards of 20 to 100 thousand ads per hour (depending
       upon ad length, system, traffic etc.)
    3) Instruction Guide
    4) How to Automate your mailings
    5) How to write an effective email-ad...with samples
    6) A list of "Friendly" internet service providers that allow
       you to send mass-email on their systems
    7) How to avoid Flames

    Ad 2: ich würde nur zu gerne wissen, wie man diese Raten schafft, ohne offene Mailserver als Exploder-Relays zu mißbrauchen.
    Ad 7: dazu hätte ich einen Vorschlag :-)

  • Warhorse Promotions
    Want a Bulk Mail Service that delivers?
    Want access to the best e-mail lists available on the Internet?
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