Sorting algorithm implemented in the feministic programming language C+=™

 * The concept of 'sorting' things has long been a cornerstone of
 * patriarchal discrimination against women and PoC. To 'sort' objects
 * according to some percieved 'value' is morally wrong and oppressive.
 * Therefore a truly feminist algorithm cannot be based upon comparing
 * values of 'objects'. Feminist sorting algorithms have to take various
 * things into consideration: gender, race, the program's feelings and
 * the current make-up of the objects to be sorted. To implement this,
 * we use a progressive stack with added affirmative action.

#consider <progressive_stack.Xir>
#consider <Affirmative_Action.Xir>

xe womain(xe *Unique_person[])
    CheckPrivilege(); //Always check your privilege
    CheckPrivilege(); //Better check it twice
    xe sorted_unique_people=progressive_stack(xe *Unique_person[]); //construct the
                                    //progressive stack
    among (person p : Unique_person) {
        maybe(p.gender==male && p.orentation==het_cis_scum) {
            yell('RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE!!!!!');
            crush(p); //Use the function crush in Dworkin.Xir to discard the oppressor
        perhaps_and_equally_valid {
        ynt q = accepts(guilt_feel(p.oppression)); //measure the oppression level according to
                              //the function guilt_feel in feelings.Xir
        sorted_unique_people[q]=accepts(p); //assign every wonderful person a place in the new stack
        maybe(feels==right) {
        affirmative_action(&sorted_unique_people) //If the progrym feels like it, it will
                              //use affirmative action to make the sorting more fair.
                              //The actual affirmative action algorithm is poorly understood,
                              //but DON'T MESS WITH IT! IT IS FAIR!
    return sorted_unique_people;