What Americans can expect, when they come to Germany

Aus einem Faltblatt für amerikanische Austauschschüler in Deutschland:
From a Informationbrochure for American exchange Students in Germany

  1. Germans close room doors.
  2. Doorknobs are often different.
  3. They pull shades.
  4. They lock bathroom doors.
  5. German's don't necessarily take a shower a day.
  6. Women often do not shave arms and legs.
  7. People do not necessarily change their clothes every day.
  8. Short phone calls -- even local calls are charged for so.
    Stay off the phone!
  9. Up early - to bed early.
  10. Germans are prompt and expect you to be.
  11. Small refrigerators (don't raid them!).
  12. Hot meal at noontime.
  13. More fresh food, less processed stuff.
  14. Germans eat almost all kinds of food and almost all parts of animals.
  15. They eat ham and beef (don't worry - it's examined!).
  16. No or very little ice in sodas - so strong cokes!
  17. Meals are social events (so hold back with your fork, until everyone is there!).
  18. In many cases no prayers at the table.
  19. Germans love mineral water!
  20. Germans like to have flower & vegetable gardens.
  21. Dogs and cats are important (and may even be taken into restaurants!).
  22. On visiting friends flowers are often brought as a gift (uneven number, no red or white roses, unless in love!).
  23. Hand shaking any time you meet people.
  24. Girls may be arm in arm and dance together.
  25. Three types of high school (but none of them with water fountains).
  26. Schoolkids carry bookbags.
  27. Kids are more often politically involved.
  28. Young people are often very mature for their age.
  29. War time history is different from U.S. TV-movies (so difficult for us to talk about!).
  30. You may find restroom attendants (tip them).
  31. Mind numbering of floors in building: Main (1st) - 1st (2nd) - 2nd (3rd) - a.s.o.
  32. Mind different greetings: "Guten Tag" (in general) "Tag, Gruess dich!" (for personal friends).