How to get rid of visitors

Last week we asked readers for tips on how to cut the traffic on personal web sites. We got quite a few ideas. Here are some tips contributed by one reader:

  1. Building a business website? Make visitors complete a registration form before accessing the actual site. Demand as many details as possible, including the names of their parents and their shoe size. Make sure that if one detail is missing, the visitor will have to fill out the entire form again; there are sites that allow a visitor to make slight corrections in the form. You can't afford to allow that.
  2. Building a personal website? Remember to detail all of your special hobbies on the site, especially if they include watching Seinfeld and surfing ICQ. Don't forget to include as many pictures as possible from your last trip to the north. Make sure all the pictures are on one page. Don't give visitors a chance to choose what picture they want to see - they might miss one - especially if you made a mistake in entering the size of the pictures and failed to make sure that they would be of scanning resolution, creating a file of over at least 200K.