New Product Announcment: 7903 MPU with Enhanced Instruction Set

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The new 7903 MPU provides a plug-in upgrade for systems currently using the 6502 microprocessor. The 7903 is fully pin-compatible and software upward-compatible with the 6502. Additionally, many of the formerly unused opcodes are used to provide an enhanced instruction set providing features normally found only on much larger systems. The new instructions are listed below.

BBIBranch in Blinking Indicator
BHBranch and Hang
BCBFBranch on Chip Box Full
BPOBranch on Power Off
BSOBranch on Sleepy Operator
IIBIgnore Inquiry and Branch
RPBReverse Parity and Branch
BCHBranch on CPU Halted
BTADBranch To Auto Destruct
JRLJump to Random Location
JSPJump on Sexy Programmer
FAGFold And Go
AIAdd Improper
DODivide and Overflow
DCDivide and Conquer
SRZSubtract and Reset to Zero
ARZAdd and Reset to Zero
XMExclusive Maybe
PAIIPrevent All Interrupts and Interrupt
PIPunch Invalid
RIRead Invalid
RCSDRead Card and Scramble Data
RCRRewind Card Reader
RASCRead And Shred Card
BCRBackspace Card Reader
BCPBackspace Card Punch
RCIRead Card and Ignore
RCSRead Card Sideways
SSJSelect Stacker and Jam
RPRead Printer
FSRAForms Skip and Run Away
BSPBackSpace Printer
PBCPrint and Break Chain
TDBTransfer and Drop Bits
MDBMove and Drop Bits
MLRMove and Lose Record
MWCMove and Wrap Core
MCMove Continuous
CMCirculate Memory
WWLRWrite Wrong Length Record
RNRRead Noise Record
RIRGRead Inter Record Gap
REOFRead End Of File
BSTBackspace and Stretch Tape
RBTRewind and Break Tape
MTIMake Tape Invalid
PMTPunch Magnetic Tape
PDTPunch and Delete Tape
METMisread and Eat Tape
PTABPosition Tape Ass-Backwards
STTStretch and Tangle Tape
STStretch Tape
SRSDSeek Record and Scar Disk
RDRewind Disk
BDBackspace Disk
EDEject Disk
TDThrow Disk
LCDLaunch Cartridge Disk
FDFlip Disk
DFDisk Feed
UERUpdate and Erase Record
CVUConVert to Unary
CVSConVert to Sesquinary
CRNConvert to Roman Numerals
WRTCWind Real-Time Clock
WWTCWind Wrong-Time Clock
PCBPause for Coffee Break
SPDStart and Power Down
PDNPower Down and Normalize
EBQREnable Bi-Quinary Arithmetik
LCCLoad and Clear Core
EROSErase Read-Only Store
RWOMRead Write-Only Memory
WROMWrite Read-Only Memory
FCEFill Core with Epoxy
DMPKDestroy Memory Protect Key
UCUnwind Core
BPPBlob Plotter Pen
MPSMove Pen Somewhere
DPMDDrop Pen and Mangle Drum
APXApply Power and Explode
HCFHalt and Catch Fire
CCPClear Core and Proceed
CCCPConditionally Clear Core and Proceed
EIOCExecute Invalid Op Code
EPIExecute Programmer Immediate
SPSWScramble Program Status Word
ERAFExecute Relocatable Address Field
EPSWExecute Program Status Word
EMEMulate 407
SSNSet Serial Number
STISTore Immediate
PSPPush Stack Pointer

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