New Product Announcment: 7903 MPU with Enhanced Instruction Set

The new 7903 MPU provides a plug-in upgrade for systems currently using the 6502 microprocessor. The 7903 is fully pin-compatible and software upward-compatible with the 6502. Additionally, many of the formerly unused opcodes are used to provide an enhanced instruction set providing features normally found only on much larger systems. The new instructions are listed below.

BBI Branch in Blinking Indicator
BH Branch and Hang
BCBF Branch on Chip Box Full
BPO Branch on Power Off
BSO Branch on Sleepy Operator
IIB Ignore Inquiry and Branch
RPB Reverse Parity and Branch
BCH Branch on CPU Halted
BTAD Branch To Auto Destruct
JRL Jump to Random Location
JSP Jump on Sexy Programmer
FAG Fold And Go
AI Add Improper
DO Divide and Overflow
DC Divide and Conquer
SRZ Subtract and Reset to Zero
ARZ Add and Reset to Zero
XM Exclusive Maybe
PAII Prevent All Interrupts and Interrupt
PI Punch Invalid
RI Read Invalid
RCSD Read Card and Scramble Data
RCR Rewind Card Reader
RASC Read And Shred Card
BCR Backspace Card Reader
BCP Backspace Card Punch
RCI Read Card and Ignore
RCS Read Card Sideways
SSJ Select Stacker and Jam
RP Read Printer
FSRA Forms Skip and Run Away
BSP BackSpace Printer
PBC Print and Break Chain
TDB Transfer and Drop Bits
MDB Move and Drop Bits
MLR Move and Lose Record
MWC Move and Wrap Core
MC Move Continuous
CM Circulate Memory
WWLR Write Wrong Length Record
RNR Read Noise Record
RIRG Read Inter Record Gap
REOF Read End Of File
BST Backspace and Stretch Tape
RBT Rewind and Break Tape
MTI Make Tape Invalid
PMT Punch Magnetic Tape
PDT Punch and Delete Tape
MET Misread and Eat Tape
PTAB Position Tape Ass-Backwards
STT Stretch and Tangle Tape
ST Stretch Tape
SRSD Seek Record and Scar Disk
RD Rewind Disk
BD Backspace Disk
ED Eject Disk
TD Throw Disk
LCD Launch Cartridge Disk
FD Flip Disk
DF Disk Feed
UER Update and Erase Record
CVU ConVert to Unary
CVS ConVert to Sesquinary
CRN Convert to Roman Numerals
WRTC Wind Real-Time Clock
WWTC Wind Wrong-Time Clock
PCB Pause for Coffee Break
SPD Start and Power Down
PDN Power Down and Normalize
EBQR Enable Bi-Quinary Arithmetik
LCC Load and Clear Core
EROS Erase Read-Only Store
RWOM Read Write-Only Memory
WROM Write Read-Only Memory
FCE Fill Core with Epoxy
DMPK Destroy Memory Protect Key
UC Unwind Core
BPP Blob Plotter Pen
MPS Move Pen Somewhere
DPMD Drop Pen and Mangle Drum
APX Apply Power and Explode
HCF Halt and Catch Fire
CCP Clear Core and Proceed
CCCP Conditionally Clear Core and Proceed
EIOC Execute Invalid Op Code
EPI Execute Programmer Immediate
SPSW Scramble Program Status Word
ERAF Execute Relocatable Address Field
EPSW Execute Program Status Word
EM EMulate 407
SSN Set Serial Number
STI STore Immediate
PSP Push Stack Pointer