Sex with gcc

People think all the computer hackers can't get a date.

But that's wrong:

Instant fix: gcc date.c -o date
All the way: gcc --entry
For orgasm: gcc -O
Even better: gcc -O2
Cruel: gcc -Wall
For old hackers: gcc -fno-strength-reduce
Transvestite: gcc -Wconversion
With toy: gcc -pipe
Man on top: gcc -traditional
In restroom: gcc -quiet
Explain how: gcc --verbose
With drugs: gcc --user-dependencies
Don't move: gcc -static
At Microsoft: gcc -shared
Side-by-side: gcc --profile
Mouth first: gcc --preprocess
Before drugs: gcc --prefix
With disease: gcc --no-warnings
With vibrator: gcc --machine
Foreigner: gcc --language
With chains: gcc --force-link
With AIDS: gcc --extra-warnings
Analism: gcc --dump
Remove lice 1st: gcc --debug
Talk about date: gcc --comments
Take control: gcc --assert