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Post your dream wife!

Fill out the following form completely. They receive then attendance from our popular coworkers Sergej and Oleg, to which you hand out please the cash. Unfortunately we can accept cash payments considering the unusual adjustment of our services only.

First of all: Personal data

Your first name?
Your surname?
Your email address?
Your address?
Your country?

Secondly: Reservation desires

a) which Reisepartnerin would like to post you?


b) your desired travel dates?

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c) where is to go the journey?

Your destination?

Thirdly: Your personal profile

Your education?
Your income?
Your family status? single by conviction
single from lack of opportunity
lucky marries
fewer lucky marries
separated living

Fourth: Your personal interests

Drink? stupidly super
Discotanz? stupidly super
Museum attendance stupidly super
Sport events? stupidly super
Classical concerts? stupidly super
Popkonzerte? stupidly super
Cinema? stupidly super
Move? stupidly super
Drive sport actively? stupidly super
Sexual intercourse? stupidly super
Manual work? stupidly super
Auspeit (S/M)? stupidly super
Politics? stupidly super
Culture? stupidly super
Economics? stupidly super
Putridly at the beach doesen? stupidly super
Other? stupidly super

Fifth: Additional on or remarks

And that should absolutelyy
draufhaben my companion:

Are you now content?
Did you fill out everything?
Everything correctly?
Or also not?
Then you decide!


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