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Trading conditions

Between the Protopov unlimited Begleitservice and the customer are met the following declarations/agreements:

  1. As soon as the customer requested one of our ladies by email, this is considered as obligatory conclusion of a deal.
  2. Independently of the travel duration the fee for the desired Hostess is to be paid for a full month in advance.
  3. As currency excluding cash one accepts. Acknowledgements are not issued, possible vouchers are immediately destroyed.
  4. If the Hostess the customer should be misplaced, that is quite alone a problem of the customer. The fee is to be paid nevertheless in its entirety.
  5. If the Hostess should disappear without trace and be untraceable also for Oleg, the customer pays a transfer fee in as desired a height determined by us.
  6. For all in connection with the Hostess developing costs the customer is responsible alone. In the travel fee no expenditures for food and logis are contained.
  7. The Hostess has at any time the right to abort the journey if it occurs itself badly treated. That closes verbal offenses likewise like deliberate boring by stupid twaddle on the part of the customer.
  8. On the other hand the Hostess has the full right to insult the customer to abuse and degrade, if that is inevitable according to their opinion. Which is inevitable, the Hostess decides or one of our coworkers.
  9. If the desired Hostess should not be available with conclusion of a contract, the Protopov has unlimited Begleitservice the right to determine according to discretion a Ersatzhostess. Even if this should not be available, our service is omitted. The fee for it is to be paid nevertheless in full height.
  10. The customer confesses unlimited Begleitservice to the Protopov too to let not paid fees drive to the NOT of Sergej and Oleg according to their most characteristic methods. Following legal requirements of any type are omitted.
  11. The customer does not have anything against it if he receives from now on attendance annually from Oleg and Sergej, which leave against a fee determined by us new advertising material to him.
  12. The customer grants us on demand view of its symbol tables and continues to recommend us gladly to all its friends.
  13. The Protopov unlimited Begleitservice reserves itself at any time, without modifying further message these trading conditions to extend or intensify. The conclusion of a contract remains unaffected by it.


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