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The modern woman

Who went away once with a modern woman, knows answer! Constantly it has somewhat too jammern, wants this not and that not, and if the gentleman wants to divert himself somewhat longer in the city center with wine, woman and singing, then she pushes him to the night rest. At bed hardly arrived, it gives naturally to have migraene and vermiest to the good man also the last opportunity to one - although doubtful - pleasure.

Naturally the lady instructs the gentleman all day long about it, how she is discriminated against in all world, but then lets it only too gladly in the expensive Shops of Paris of their gentleman to a few little things be bought. And which it has of it? For instance love and affection? No, he must sound himself still more twaddle over self implementation, career and female sensitivity!

Besides it is not to be overlooked that the modern woman, as soon as she is once married is inclined to it, to go out of the glue. That does not hold it naturally from it, constantly over the alleged beer antinode bulge of its husband too laestern; even soccer games in the TV (with chips and beer) rank among the few scatters, which still remain for such a man.
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How differently is there our anschmiegsames and charming Begleitpersonal from white Russia! Here the man may be still man, and him not equal a cord from it is turned. Sonja, Natascha or Tatjana are gedrillt to read off the man the desire from the lips and even if they are not powerful often the German or English, then they guess nevertheless usually, which is meant. In any case ones contribute it by their froehlichkeit to the Aufmunterung to the femaleness of despairing single man. And that is well like that!


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