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Our team

Hello, dear however traveler!

Surely you want to know, whom them to entrust itself.
Therefore we would not like to miss it to present us once briefly and concisely here. If you have nevertheless questions, send to us nevertheless simply email on [E-Mail einblenden].

My name is Ivan Protopov, and I am a boss of this enterprise. For years I supply respectable men in the west with fresh woman material from the east. My penetrationable business partners in Minsk, Kiew and Moscow and ensure for years mean constant success.
My Mrs. Olga represents me, if I must worry times again about new Miezen. My always well gelaunter deputy Pjotr is in each regard my right hand.
Secretary Jekaterina always knows, which documents do not have to be and which there better. My brother Nikolaj operates in the field service. Further details do not do anything to the thing.
About slow payers the good Sergej worries. Its patience is unfortunately quite limited. If you a Hostess is misplaced, Oleg is your man. It really stoebert jede(n) up!
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