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Their supply is analysed by our experts. We will see, what we for them to do to be able. If the desired companion should not be available, receive to equivalent back-up by our wonderful woman employee Sofia.

We from our regular supply removed it, because them were posted relatively little, but nevertheless were more than content all our customers with their services. Therefore you may look forward to Sofia whenever your Wunschpartnerin is at present not available.

We stress expressly: It understands itself automatically that us your desire is instruction, on the other hand one sees we it not at all gladly (particularly Sergej is there very humorless), if you make us heavy by kleinliches Genoergel the work. In such cases we can guarantee then for nothing more. I think, we understood themselves.

They receive then in the next days our calculation, and in your own interest you should carry for the fact for concern that it does not come to tragic misunderstandings with the payment of the amount. Also our coworker Oleg complains occasionally about a substantial lack of humor and patience.

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